AROUND THE WORLD COVERED 2024 DIARY – created by Murphy’s Mum

AROUND THE WORLD COVERED 2024 DIARY – created by Murphy’s Mum

If you are looking for a unique grungy Father's Day gift, this project is easy and is sure to make Dad's Day! It's none other than a 2024 Diary that's been transformed into an grungy masterpiece by using the mind-blowing Stamperia Around The World Collection!

Julie started things off by protecting the inside of the diary with removable tape, and then covered the inside pages with some foil. But that's just the beginning! The front, back cover, and the spine underwent a magical makeover. she prepped them with Stamperia Primer and then splashed on Stamperia Allegro Paint Old Ivory.

Hold onto your seats because the real excitement begins when Julie laid her hands on the enchanting fabrics from the Around The World Fabric Pack. She sliced one of those beauties in half and affixed one piece to the front cover and the other to the back cover using the fantastic Stamperia Mix Media Glue. And guess what? The spine got a bit of a rebellious twist – it remained gloriously bare! Once the fabric was securely in place, she gave it a snazzy trim in line with the cover and then sealed the deal with 3 coats of Mix Media Glue, giving each coat time to dry and set the stage for the next.

Armed with Stamperia Volume Paste,  some Stamperia Cookie Paint to colour it, and the remarkable Stamperia Stencil Around The World Double Texture, Julie went wild with stenciling. The front and back cover got showered with stenciled goodness, taking the diary's grungy quotient up several notches.

Now, let's talk about the spine – that's where things really got electrifying. Julie wielded Stamperia Copper Porporina and Mix Media Glue, concocting a concoction that's all about wetting your brush with Mix Media Glue, picking up some Porporina on your brush, and applying the Porporina-infused brush to the spine. Magic in the making, I tell you!

Get ready for a splash of color that's straight out of your wildest dreams! Julie unleashed the grungy Stamperia Aqua Colour Spray Leather all over the cover, and then dried it using her trusty heat tool. A paper towel was the secret weapon that helped achieve the perfect level of color, adjusting it to the perfect level of grunge.

But wait, there's more! To add that extra oomph, Julie inked the edges of the cover with the fierce and fabulous Ranger Jet Black Archival Ink, making every detail pop with attitude.

Now, for the pièce de résistance – the front cover got decked out with moulds created using the Stamperia Mould Around The World Train and the Around The World Die Cuts. And guess what? These moulds are a creative playground where Stamperia Soft Clay or Resin get to party! The moulds got a seal of approval with the dynamic Stamperia Black & Matt Superbase. The train took on a bold new avatar with Stamperia Black Paint, while the Around The World Oval sign danced with Stamperia Cardinal Red Paint.

The moulds then went for a delightful splash in the Stamperia Aqua Colour Leather Spray pool, followed by a dab session with a trusty paper towel and a quick-drying routine. But the glitz doesn't stop there – enter Stamperia Beeswax and Stardust Golden Sun Metallic Pigment, adding that final sprinkle of enchantment.

For that final touch of grunge,  the edges of the die cuts got their own jet-black makeover with the iconic Jet Black Archival Ink from Ranger.

Enjoy creating your awesome grungy diary for Dad or as a special gift for someone (or yourself!) Thank you for visiting our Blog, happy crafting! 


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