ANTIQUE SHOP CANVAS - created by Murphy's Mum

ANTIQUE SHOP CANVAS - created by Murphy's Mum
This canvas unfolds like a forgotten treasure, carefully assembled with a touch of nostalgia using the beautiful Mintay Antique Shop Collection 12” Paper Pack and the matching Antique Shop Die Cuts. The moulds (which are a perfect match with this collection) were created using the Stamperia Lady Vagabond Lifestyle Cats Mould using resin (these could also be made with Stamperia Soft Clay). Julie chose to use the adorable cat, the stack of books, and the gramophone mould pieces.
The canvas itself, a Mont Marte 8” x 10” Canvas Panel is the perfect base for this vintage symphony. The canvas and the moulds were coated in Stamperia Primer, followed by a coat of Stamperia Old Ivory Allegro Paint.
Paper 03 was chosen from the Antique Shop collection to adorn the canvas with its music-inspired motif. The piece, cut from the left side of this gorgeous paper, is cut to the same size as the canvas, attached and sealed with 2 coats of Stamperia Mix Media Glue. The remaining piece of this paper was cut to measure 9” long, and its edges distressed by the Tim Holtz Paper Distresser. Stamperia Mix Media Glue added a lovely sheen to this paper strip, 1 coat to the back and 2 coats to the front.
Stamperia Ancient Pink Allegro Paint, lightly scraped onto sections of the canvas, added a subtle blush to the canvas.  Stamperia White Crackle Paste, mixed with the same pink paint, was lightly applied to the edges of the canvas, and sections of the front of the panel, using the Stamperia Metal Spatula.
Stamperia Clear Crackle Paste was then added to the canvas and the paper strip. Stamperia Heavy Body Paste, mixed with Dina Wakley Sage Paint, adorned the right side of the canvas in a delicate pattern created using the Stamperia Vintage Library Texture Stencil.
The moulds were painted with a palette of hues, Ancient Pink, Old Ivory & Burgundy, as well as the Dina Wakley Sage Paint. A touch of glamour was added to the gramophone mould using Stamperia Gold Porporina. This was done using a brush with Mix Media Glue, and picking up the Porporina to paint gorgeous highlights. WOW!
Stamperia Leather Aqua Colour Spray, was then used on the moulds and dabbed with paper towel, followed by Prima Vintage Gold Wax and Stamperia Vintage Patina White to give them a complete antique finish.
Stamperia Vintage Antiquing Paste, applied with a Lavinia Series 7 Stencil Brush moistened with baby oil was then applied to the panel and paper strip. The soft wipe of a baby wipe revealed the enchanting cracks left behind by the crackle paste.
The canvas then comes together, using Stamperia Glossy Gel, stick the moulds, paper strip, die cuts, cards from the paper pack, and flowers to the canvas, then lightly apply Prima Vintage Gold Wax gently  along the canvas edges, to add a touch of golden-age glamour.
Enjoy a trip down memory lane as you create your Antique Shop Canvas!
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