How to Book Classes

If you are unsure how to book classes at Paper Flourish, we have added these instructions to help guide you through the process. You are on our website, so now you just follow these prompts:

  1. At the top of the page click on IN-STORE CLASSES
  2. To view all available classes, go to 'Book Here' in the drop down box.
  3. You will then be able to view all information about each class and see pictures where available. 
  4. Click on the button ADD TO CART if you wish to book a particular class.
  5. You then either continue shopping to add other classes, or go to checkout.
  6. Once you have reached this step, please enter you NAME and EMAIL, select PICK UP (once you have selected Instore pickup you do not have to fill out your address and other details, ***We do need your Name and Email address).
  7. Paper Flourish has two payment options. You can use your Credit/Debit card OR you can use your Paypal account to pay for your classes.
  8. Please print out your receipt or write down the dates of your class/es as we are unable to send reminders at this stage.

Instore:  You may still book your classes by ringing or coming into the store.  In both cases the staff will book you in and take payment for the class/es using your Credit/Debit card.

Although your booking and payment is non-refundable, if you are unable to attend, your class is transferable to another person. Alternatively, as the teachers prepare, cut and pack product for classes well in advance, your pack will have been prepared for you so you will still receive it. In the event the booking is for a Mixed Media, Lavinia or technique class, Paper Flourish will (in the majority of cases) include a store credit voucher in the pack.

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