Silicone Molds & Painter Caulk

Janine Koczwara

Posted on August 07 2018

Sometimes a great product for a job doesn't need to come directly from the Scrapbook manufacturers!  These two products have their origins in totally different industries - the silicone molds are from cake decorating and the painters caulk from the building industry!  When we bring the two together we can create the most beautiful, flexible embellishments for our projects.  

See below this time lapse video on how to create with these two products.

 The embellishments/lace we create using the painters caulk can easily be painted, can be cut without cracking and remains flexible.  It provides greater depth and texture than a die cut and if using on a mixed media project, doesn't take as long to dry when spritzed with wet mediums, than actual lace does.  

The pieces you create can be easily stored with a layer of baking paper or paper towel between the layers and you can use them when you are ready.  It is rather addictive to make these embellishments and so much fun to see how they turn out.  As it does require around 24 hours to dry in the mold, you will need patience and that is why making ahead and storing until you need them can be helpful.

You can see the pieces of caulked lace on the background of this card.  Perfect for painting over!

We have a large range of these silicone molds online, you can see them here.

Silicone Molds




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